• AUTHOR Gloves Windster Light X8

AUTHOR Gloves Windster Light X8

AUTHOR Gloves Windster Light X8
AUTHOR Windtser Light gloves provides the maximum levels of comfort and protection even the cold weather is coming. The glove utilizes Anatomic Volar (palm) Map to place protective GEL inserts in high stress areas.
  • ULTRA 3 TECH membrane and Lycra Fleece fabric for ultimate weather comfort.
  • Reinforced synthetic palm leather Amara is supple and durable.
  • GEL pads are located on the palm according to Anatomic Volar Map, in order to relieve pressure and protect the sensitive areas, also reduce numbness at the hand.
  • Soft, absorbent Superdry on the thumb for easy brushing away sweat.
  • TouchScreen surface on index and middle  finger , suitable for use with Mobile Phones, MP3 Players, etc.
  • Micro-Injection Velcro closure blends comfort with an unrestricted wrist movement.
  • Easy slip on.

Категория Велоперчатки  

black S = UA#07131125   M = UA#07131126   L = UA#07131127   XL = UA#07131128   XXL = UA#07131129
black / yellow-neon S = UA#07131135   M = UA#07131136   L = UA#07131137   XL = UA#07131138   XXL = UA#07131139
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